Craps Tournaments Tips

Although the slots are fun, online casino games played between the player and the casino can get boring. Therefore, online casinos run tournaments that allow players the opportunity to compete against others. Online craps tournaments are particularly exciting because of the vast number of bets that can be exploited in the tournament.


A player must keep in mind a target for the chip balance he wants to achieve at the end of the craps tournament, and he can assess this from the leader board. Therefore, it makes sense not to enroll in online craps tournaments right from the start. The gambler should wait for at least half the time period of the tournament to finish and the leader board to settle down before developing a craps tournament strategy. If the leader's chip balance is not much higher than the tournament starting balance, a conservative strategy is required. Players need to start with the line bets, the come bets and the free odds bets that offer a house edge of less than 1.5%.

Changing Strategy

If this strategy is not working or if the leading chip balance is very big to start with, then a more aggressive strategy is needed. Players should place bets that offer high payouts so that the chip count can be increased quickly; these bets should be decided in one roll so that players can get in more bets in the given time. Within these two parameters, the player should pick the bets with the lower house edges; Any Craps is a good bet to playing craps.

Once a player manages to reach a paying position in the leader board, he should review his strategy. He needs to realize that the tournament is not over and players participating later can overtake him. Therefore, he must build a margin. Once he has secured the desired margin he does not need to wager any more in the online craps tournament and risk diminishing his balance. He can leave the tournament and his existing balance will be recorded.